Dion V. Basnight 
CEO & President 
With over 30 years of construction industry experience, Dion Basnight, the founder and principal draftsman of Basnight Drafting Services, Inc. brings to clients a wealth of technical drafting, CAD design and project management expertise. Along with these core skills, Dion is well-versed in both Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication, and the use of various wood, concrete, brick metal and steel mediums throughout a construction project that has positioned him as a sought after subcontractor and employee for major steel fabricators, real estate developers and architectural design firms throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Dion has a reputation for trade excellence began while he was completing his general drafting diploma and participating in a cooperative work program with Mid-Atlantic Hambro, now Swirnow. Upon graduation, he earned Merganthaler Vocational Technical School and a Trade Excellence Award and was one of a select few co-op students hand-picked by Swirnow to join the firm. Over the course of his 6 year tenure with the firm, Dion advanced to Chief Draftsman and Technical Drafting Coordinator. As the head of the drafting department, Dion introduced CAD technology to the firm, and delivered a 100%+ increase in productivity an output with enhanced quality and breadth of designs/drawings.

Over the next 10+ years, Dion gained an array of technical design/engineering and project management competencies. He was recruited to new firms and quickly became a valued employee of several of the largest steel frabricators and fully integrated concrete design/build companies across the region, including Strescon Industries, Metropolitan Steel and Baltimore Steel Erectors. He worked on several high-profile and successful residential and commercial construction projects for colleges/universities, healthcare facilities/hospitals, government buildings, museums, residential complexes, retail shopping centers and sports stadiums.

Recognizing a need for quality drafting professionals to support the rapid growth of the steel construction industry, Dion founded Basnight Drafting Services, Inc. and filled a critical void in the market. For the last 20 years, Dion has continued to provide a plethora of CAD design and drafting services for complex design/build, renovation and expansion projects.

Tonya Basnight 
Sr. VP & Director of Operations 
With 20+ years of operations and service expertise, Tonya Basnight, is the backbone€ of Basnight Drafting Services, Inc. Her innate ability to define and implement effective operational models, marketing and service programs have been essential components to positioning Basnight Drafting Services, Inc. a sought after firm for its technical expertise and unwavering commitment to customer service excellence.

Prior to taking on the day to day marketing and operating challenges of the firm, Tonya spent the better part of 20 years building top-performing sales, support and service centers for telecommunications giant, MCI. During her tenure, she is credited with driving total sales/service competitive advantages across the consumer and business market sectors at the regional and national level. She also became well-known for piloting several quality and service initiatives that became best practices emulated throughout MCI and other organizations. 

As the primary operations and service manager for Basnight Drafting Services, Inc. Tonya is committed to hiring and team building, and developing project management processes and technology-based tools that optimize performance, quality and service delivery while keeping costs to a minimum. In turn, Basnight Drafting Services, Inc. is able to offer expedited delivery of highly complex design/drafting projects the consistently meet the aggressive timetables of its customers.

To further expand the firms market recognition and facilitate communications with its key customers, Tonya also represents the company as its spokesperson at industry trade shows sales presentations and one on one customer communications.